Book Recommendations: June/July 2021

book recommendations

Book Recommendations: June/July 2021

Six books in my stack for June and July

Hood Feminism by Nikki Kendall. An analysis of how white supremacy showed up in feminism for so long and a reminder that it’s intersectionality or bust in the fight for the rights of ALL women. Also just a delish critique of lean-in feminism [almost finished]

Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again by Katherine Angel. A socio-cultural and political underscoring of consent, female desire, and sexuality (and a title borrowed from Michel Foucault- hello!) [finished]

Binge Eating Disorder by Amy Pershing and Chevese Turner. THE handbook for understanding Binge Eating Disorder and it’s presentations. Great mix of theory and storytelling. [finished]

Perimenopause Power by Maisie Hill. I never read Period Power and I’m looking forward to this, mostly due to my client base. [Just started]

Pursuing Perfection by Margo Maine and Joe Kelly. An essential read for understanding the emergence and reemergence of eating disorders and disordered eating in mid-life. [almost finished]

Trauma and the Body – I borrowed this from my Mammy’s therapy room last time I was home. I’m fascinated by bodies and the trauma response. This is an academic book for psychotherapy students (hiya). Really insightful but a challenging read [dipping in and out in small chunks]

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